Its amazes me to witness the personal development and growth of the people that come into my life. My work is such a great honor to practice and it is with a glowing heart and great gratitude that I share the below words.


“After 20+ years of traditional therapy I started to feel like I had plateaued. That’s when Gemma came into my life. We spend an hour together every week. I talked, she talked, we mediated. All of a sudden, I stopped feeling the need to resolve everything in my life and felt very at peace. How did that happen? During those wonderful conversations, Gemma secretly seemed to have layered in with all of these beautiful spiritual lessons and mindful tools along with my guided meditations, and it had changed my life. I had never really known what it felt like to be so at peace with myself.”

VIRGINIA WETTLAUFER TOMENSON, Luxury Brand Consultant & Chair of the Associates Committee of the Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering


“Gemma radiates unconditional love in every sense of the word. My spiritual journey started on her Fall retreat -- she cultivates a safe and nurturing space allowing deep emotions to activate that I could not previously fathom. I'm continually amazed at how Gemma always know what I need, whether that's a hug, a smile, the space to release energy or to sit side-by-side.”

LAURA ANN FIERY, Hospitality Consultant


“Gemma's retreat was transformative on every level, enabling easy connection to my higher self and clearing stagnant energies. From my personal life to my business, her gentle, fun meditation practice was the game changer I've always longed for! Her vibe is peaceful, receptive, luxurious, beautiful -- which is generously passed to her beloved students with Grace.”

LISA VON WEISE, Holistic Personal Stylist


“Gemma and I meditated together twice a week for two years. Hers is a stripped-down, raw method that would work in the 42nd street subway platform if she had to. Gemma is: A natural charismatic leading with humor, grace, and intention. Gemma is not: Following the fad of mindfulness or coming at you with a “candles & crystals” vibe. Her peace is real and hard won, just like yours will be.”



"Taking Gemma's Learn to Meditate course changed my life. I had tried meditating over the years, downloaded a few apps, practiced at my yoga studio, listened to a podcast, but it never clicked. From these trials, I concluded that mediation was either a hoax or something I was terrible at and would never learn.

After my first class with Gemma, my world flipped. I saw clearly how simple mediation is and how to integrate it into my daily life. Through her teachings and making meditation a priority, I have found profound calm. I listen more intently to both others and myself. Thank you, Gemma! I only wish that I were able to repay you for this gift!"