Informed inspiration provides the necessary clarity to build decisive strategy.

The harmonious dialog between emotional intelligence & critical thinking initiates vision for building our collective future.

 Strategy  :  

The most successful brands today don't simply plan; they rely on a strategic foundation to help them withstand consistent change.   

Trend Forecasting : 

The only thing consistent in life is change.  Studying the past & present shifting patterns in culture informs the possibilities & probabilities of our collective future.  Successful business strategy is dependent on the insight forecasting provides.   

Brand Ethos :  

Customers are attracted to the ethos of a brand.  Understanding, developing and practicing brand ethos is the foundation of brand strategy.

Storytelling : 

The story is the content.  We relate to each other through story.  We understand each other through story.  The stronger your connection to your story, the stronger your connection to your customer. 

Creative Direction :  

The focus is creating visually appealing products that people enjoy experiencing.  I help build the identity and produce the products that align with your customer's desires.

SELECTED Client List

Create States  |  Dooney & Bourke   |  Hogan  |  JC Penney  |  Kenneth Cole  |  Melet Mercantile  |  Mercy & Loyal  |  Nili Lotan  |  Olsen  |  Storykeep  |  Tods  |  Victoria Secret  |  WalMart  |  Zalando


Gemma Gambee is a New York based creative strategist.  Incorporating her experience as a creative director, brand strategist, trend forecaster, concept designer, she pioneers innovative solutions for complex brand development that integrate business, brand and design.  Her trend forecasting work is applied into concept design presentations, which inform and inspire product design and marketing directions.  Keen sensitivity to movements in art, culture and the current zeitgeist combined with strong business acumen make her a valuable asset during the strategic process, product development and marketing executions, resulting in a competitive edge.  

Her seasonal forecasts and concept design rigs have provided valuable direction to the design teams of Victoria's Secret, Zalando, Dooney & Bourke, Kenneth Cole, and Wal-Mart. Prior Gemma was creative director of Melet Mercantile, where her clients included Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, Gap, Givenchy, J.Crew, Levis, LL Bean, Marc Jacobs, Marni, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, American Vogue, Interview, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, and W.

In addition, Gemma teaches Luxury of Branding at The School of Visual Arts, Masters in Branding.  

Gemma received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.