My methodology is founded on the harmonious dialog between emotional intelligence and critical thinking.  This is where we discover the informed inspiration that provides the necessary clarity to build decisive strategy.  

I work with companies to develop ideal strategies for growth.  My clients come to me because they are in a position for and want change.  We dive into every part of the business to sort out every possibility to shift the day to day practices for the desired outcomes.  Creating change often times comes with identifying and addressing blocks both logistically and emotionally.  I work with my clients with a holistic approach.  When pursuing logical opportunities sometimes we find blocks preventing us from taking strategist action to get what we need.  We examine beliefs that are engrain in and therefore practiced within the work.  We find the solutions to shift the unfunctional beliefs into the beliefs articulate into actions that produce our desired results.

We start with a personalized questionnaire.  We sit side by side to unravel, inspire and rebuild.  We walk away with clearly defined strategies that are most suitable for desired growth.



For over a decade, I worked as a creative director, brand strategist, trend forecaster and concept designer, pioneering innovative solutions for complex brand development that integrate business, brand and design in the fashion industry.  The trend forecasting work was applied into concept design presentations, which inform and inspire product design and marketing directions.  The combination of my keen sensitivity to movements in art, culture and the current zeitgeist combined with my strong business acumen made me a valuable asset during the strategic process, product development and marketing executions, resulting in giving the direct that produced collections with a competitive edge in the market place.  

My seasonal forecasts and concept design rigs have provided valuable direction to the design teams of Victoria's Secret, Zalando, Dooney & Bourke, Kenneth Cole, and Wal-Mart.  As creative director of Melet Mercantile, some of my clients included Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, Gap, Givenchy, J.Crew, Levis, LL Bean, Marc Jacobs, Marni, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, American Vogue, Interview, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, and W.

In addition, I taught Luxury of Branding at The School of Visual Arts, Masters in Branding and Trend Forecasting at LIM College.  I received my BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.