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In a time when we are continuously witnessing great suffering, where do we find the strength and courage to bring the type of change we want to see in the world?  

We find it within ourselves.  

Where do you experience love in your body?  When and how do you feel your love shift? Most of us spend periods of time restricting ourselves from our deepest power because we are looking to feel safe to experience and express our love.  Love is a feeling that originates and emanates from the center of our chests, our heart. When we practice continuously opening our hearts to express our love without the fear of it being returned in the way in which you think it should be, we have the power to change the world for the better.

Over the course of this fall weekend in upstate New York, we will explore and embody the source of our own love using movement, stillness and ritual as access points.  What does it actually feel like to sit in the origin of our own love and how do we live a life taking action from this place? Using the interplay between movement, ritual and meditation we will access, engage, deepen our connection to our love and discover the ways in which we want to move from this love source.

Join us in the Hudson Valley as the fall leaves being to fall for a weekend of reprieve, practice and self-study that will rejuvenate your sense of purpose.

Email directly for registration or any questions.

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Later Event: December 11
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