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Tools in Tandem: Meditation & Free Writing

As a community we are prioritizing our understanding of wellness to include a complete, holistic, approach.  Our awareness is clear that spirit, mind and body all need the proper attention to live a life of balanced happiness.  Meditation is the leading, non-secular tool we use to tune inward, turn into and  attend to our spiritual and mental wellbeing.  Free-writing bridges the all-knowing highest-self and its outward expression.

If you’ve never meditated before, you’ve tried, but you struggle to maintain a regular practice, or if you are a regular meditator this course is for you.  This workshop is an introduction to the techniques of meditation and free writing and how they work together as tools in tandem to expanding self-wareness.  We will cover the basics, practice meditation, free-write and express the wisdoms that inform our personal growth as divine human beings.

Come, jump in and celebrate a new relationship with yourself.  

Exchange | $40

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